Rent car Baku terms

1. Requirements

1.1. Driver's age not younger than 24 years
1.2. Driving experience at least 2 years

2. List of documents related to contract signing

2.1. For Azerbaijan citizen
- Valid ID (internal passport)
-Valid driver's license category «B»
2.2. For foreign citizens
- Valid foreign passport
- The document certifying the presence of registration in Azerbaijan Republic
- Current international driving permit
2.3. For corporate clients
- A copy of the legal entity registration certificate
- A copy of tax registration certificate
- Power of attorney for the on person signing the lease contract
- Valid local or forign passport of the person acting by POA
- Valid driver's license category «B»
- Company documents

3. Reservation and booking cars

3.1. The car can be booked by phone
+994555980000 +994503216666 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. Order documentation

4.1. All deal can be signed both at the office or Leasor’s adress depends on the request.
4.2. The deals are signed upon providing of the Deposet by Client as per Contract.

5. Receiveing and Returning the Car

5.1. The car is issued to the Lessee in good technical condition, clean, with a certain amount of fuel
5.2. The car must be returned clean, with a fuel the time and place as per signed Contract. ( at Leasor’s office or any other agreed place). İf the Client fails to meet car return standarts and procedures (not clean, without fuel and etc), all expences would be deducted from Client’s acount ad per relevant clause of the Contract.
5.3. If the car returned 2 hours later an agreed time scale, lessee shall pay to the Company the fine in the amount indicated in the contract.
5.4. If the lessee does not return the car in agreedtime, the Company can apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the claim related to car theft.
5.5. Receipt and return of the vehicle is confirmed by the signing of the act of Acceptance.
5.6. The Lessee should pay all penalties, all supplementary services (if any), after the performance of all obligations as per the contract.

6. Restrictions on the movement

6.1. Lessor can drive the vehicle in Baku and regions of Azerbaijan, which is fixed in the lease. Operation of the vehicle outside the designated in the contract territory is prohibited

7. Terms of use

7.1. The tenant is not entitled to use the Car for the purposes for which it was not intended. The tenant agrees not to use vehicle for towing vehicles, racing. It is
forbidden to drive a car in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or any other intoxication
7.2. The tenant is obliged to take all possible measures to prevent the management of the rental car persons not eligible
7.3. The lessee is obliged to ensure the safety of vehicles during his driving.
7.4. Tenant at their own expense fill the fuel and should always monitor technical conditions of the car
7.5. Prohibit any act of repair or vehicle modifications